Express Yourself in Charlotte, NC

Get men’s custom clothing to set your style apart

Are you tired of looking at the same old clothing in your closet? Do you wish your suits and shirts offered a better fit? The House of LeMond creates men’s custom clothing, including suits, shirts and bow ties. Many people are looking beyond the big box store clothing racks to purchase their clothing. If you’re one of them, we can create custom pieces for you.

We make custom bow ties for college fraternities and choir groups, as well. In addition to our G-Code custom clothing line, we also feature Renovated House – repurposed clothing items with character. Visit The House of LeMond for custom suits in the Charlotte, NC area.

3 reasons why custom clothing is worth the investment

Before you assume that custom clothing is just for fashionistas, think about how much you dread wearing the same thing as the guy next to you. Here are some great reasons to choose custom clothing:

  1. It offers a better fit
  2. It can highlight your personal style
  3. It lasts longer than mass-produced clothing

There’s no need to struggle to find the right size when you know our men’s custom clothing is made to your measurements. Call 704-712-9531 today to learn more about our men’s boutique in Charlotte, NC.