Dapper Hour Cocktails and Conversations

March 28, 2019
7:00 pm
Idlewild 424 East 36th Street, Charlotte, NC 28205
Dapper Hour Cocktails and Conversations

This Dapper Hour will feature The Hottest Cocktail Bar in the QC. We will be at Idelwild in Noda. The owner is a World Renowned Mixologist who has opened up a place in Novel Noda that is the epitome of cocktail lounges. There are no drink menus, so every drink prepared is the result of a conversation that allows you the chance to personally know your Cocktail Creator.

The ticket price includes your exclusive membership, a cocktail, and pertinent information that you can use to create your own signature drink.

In addition, we will have The Magnificent Eddie Estelle curating conversations that are relevant to issues we face daily, while provoking thought, action, and resolution to those very issues. It’s all going down in a newly opened, masterfully designed space. The space has NO TV’S, so you can expect to entertained and educated.

The space is very intimate, so tickets are limited. GET YOURS NOW…and #staydappermyfriends